Marqus Valentine is 32-year-old with a vast imagination that he uses for stop motion film making and writing.  Although he walks with a limp from bad hips, from the outside, he looks like anyone else. Inside, however, we would see that his blood is twisted into odd, c-like shapes as a result of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).  

Sick Cells documentary is the story various people’s struggle with SCD, a disease that affects every organ and tissue in the human body. The film mainly follows the Valentines though nearly 8 years of life with their adult-son, Marqus and his battle with sickle cell anemia.  The key drivers within the family are hope, a sense of humor, and love to pull them through severe pain and suffering by all.

Through interviews and footage of daily lives, the film will capture experiences by other families living with various forms of SCD and show a sense of resilience in the SCD community often unseen. Sick Cells touches on  treatment development, gaps in policy research, HCP education, and leaders in their fields.