Production Crew

Meet the production team behind Sick Cells, a Documentary.

Marqus Valentine

Co-Director, Sick Cells Film

Marqus Valentine is the Co-Director and Documentary Subject of Sick Cells. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at 4 months old, he has never let it get in the way of his dreams of making films and graphic novels. While pursuing a film degree at a local community college, Marqus met film instructor, Laura Zinger, who taught introductory video production courses. Due to his complications with Sickle Cell Disease, Marqus, had to put his degree on hold and approached Laura to help him make a documentary about his and his family’s struggle with his Sickle Cell Disease. Three years ago, Laura agreed to Co-Direct Sick Cells with Marqus, and they haven’t looked back since. Along with working on Sick Cells, Marqus is working on his first graphic novel called Union.

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Twitter: @StateSide28

Laura Zinger

Producer/Co-Director, Sick Cells Film

Laura Zinger is the Owner of Chicago-based, low-budget, production company, 20K Films. Laura has wanted to become a filmmaker since she was 13 years old the year her father told her to follow her dreams. In 2008, at 28 years old, she completed her first documentary feature, Proceed and Be Bold! which follows the life and art, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., who quit his job at AT&T at 40 to become a letterpress printer. Since its release 3 years ago, Proceed and Be Bold! has played in 7 film festivals, been released on new online distribution platform, Prescreen, and just received the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundations’ On Screen/In Person Grant.

Blog: 20K Films
Twitter: @20kfilms

Latasha N. Woods

Lead Writer and Editor, Sick Cells Film Website

Latasha Woods has been a writer all of her life. Over the years, she has written for various mediums including film, fiction, journalism, poetry and research. She has a BA in Creative Writing and MS in Psychology with a background in dance, film and journalism. Her passion for the written word has allowed her to flourish in all of these interests while successfully merging the creative arts, entertainment and wellness. In her work, she seeks to not only educate, but inspire and entertain. She has accumulated a diverse portfolio as an Entertainment & Celeb Writer for, Cultural Events Examiner, and various other online channels. She is also a consultant specializing in holistic healing and creative arts and writing therapy.

Blog and Portfolio: Latasha Writes
Twitter: @LatashaWrites

Logan M. Futej

Director of Photography, Sick Cells Film

Logan M. Futej first started taking still and motion pictures in the seventh grade when his dad bought him an RCA camcorder. Throughout his junior high and senior high school, Logan acted in numerous plays, but realized his true passion was behind the camera. He began by shooting skits, short films and skateboard videos with his friends and eventually decided to study film in College.

While attending Columbia College Chicago, Logan directed numerous short films, PSAs, promotional spots and traveled to Barcelona to shoot for a skateboard documentary. One of the PSAs Logan directed was a PSA for the Lung Cancer Association which was awarded two Telly awards in 2006.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in Producing from Columbia College Chicago, Logan finished his first feature length documentary, a deeply personal piece about the inner workings of his family called All We Had. The feature documentary was an official selection and in competition at the Marbella International Film Festival in Spain, in 2009.

Recently, Logan traveled abroad to Guatemala to shoot still and video footage for Workshop Coop, a socially conscious company dedicated to improving the lives of low income working women around the world, and as the Director of Photography for Latch On America, a 7 week, cross country tour dedicated to promoting breastfeeding where Logan was part of a 3 person film crew that shot interviews with over 160 people.

Currently, Logan serves as a Director and a Photographer for 20k Films and is in post-production for an experimental narrative he directed this spring called My Pennsylvania.

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Twitter: @logfut
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