Production Crew

Meet the production team behind Sick Cells, a Documentary.


Ashley Valentine

Director of Operations 

She is the baby girl of the family and spent much of her childhood charming hospital playroom attendants when Marqus was admitted. As an adult, Ashley completed her Master’s in Research Methods from the University Of Aberdeen, Scotland. She focused on disparities in healthcare for people with SCD. Currently, Ashley splits her time between working as a healthcare policy researcher and producing Sick Cells.


Marqus Valentine

Co-Producer and Film Subject

Marqus Valentine is a Co-Producer and Documentary Subject of Sick Cells. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at 6 months old, he never let it get in the way of his dreams of making films and graphic novels. While pursuing a film degree at a community college, Marqus discovered that he could reach a wider audience to educate about his condition through film.  He put his degree on hold due to SCD complications. Along with working on Sick Cells, Marqus is working on a graphic novel called Union.


Kevin Valentine

Music Composer 

Kevin Valentine is a dynamic music composer. Kevin understood at a young age how SCD caused emotional, financial, and physical pain on the family. Kevin used music as an outlet when dealing with his brother’s illness. His compositions for the documentary bring together the film by showing what sickle cell means to him through music.

Currently, Kevin DJs in Macedonia and composes electronic music, tying together formal musical training with the various sounds that he hears throughout his life.


Amanda Vassall

Communications Assistant 

Amanda Vassall is Marqus’ younger cousin. She is currently a student at Purdue University studying Public Relations and Management.  Amanda has recently become interested in health communications since working as a part of Sick Cells production crew. Growing up, she remembers Marqus’ creative mind and how passionate he was about sharing his story. Now, at age 22, she is using her own creative skills and knowledge to spread awareness about sickle cell disease.