Production Crew

Meet the production team behind Sick Cells, a Documentary.

Marqus Valentine

Co-Director, Sick Cells Film

Marqus Valentine is the Co-Director and Documentary Subject of Sick Cells. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at 4 months old, he has never let it get in the way of his dreams of making films and graphic novels. While pursuing a film degree at a local community college, Marqus met film instructor, Laura Zinger, who taught introductory video production courses. Due to his complications with Sickle Cell Disease, Marqus, had to put his degree on hold and approached Laura to help him make a documentary about his and his family’s struggle with his Sickle Cell Disease. Seven years ago, Laura agreed to Co-Direct Sick Cells with Marqus, and they haven’t looked back since. Along with working on Sick Cells, Marqus is working on his first graphic novel called Union.

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Twitter: @StateSide28

Laura Zinger

Producer/Co-Director, Sick Cells Film

Laura Zinger is the Owner of Chicago-based, low-budget, production company, 20K Films. Laura has wanted to become a filmmaker since she was 13 years old the year her father told her to follow her dreams. In 2008, at 28 years old, she completed her first documentary feature, Proceed and Be Bold! which follows the life and art, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., who quit his job at AT&T at 40 to become a letterpress printer. Since its release 3 years ago, Proceed and Be Bold! has played in 7 film festivals, been released on new online distribution platform, Prescreen, and just received the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundations’ On Screen/In Person Grant.

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